I had such a positive and memorable experience meeting new friends and mentors, engaging with deep and nuanced ideas, and learning new Jewish texts (and moving poetry!).
— Mia
Comfortable, but challenging. Relaxing, but thoughtful. Open, but tight-knit.
— Rachel
Beyond the Tent was refreshing, fascinating, and optimistic. You’ll never regret getting out of DC and your routine thinking.
— Meleia
I signed up for this weekend hoping to meet some new people and have some interesting conversations. In the first couple hours, I was sharing intimate thoughts and beliefs about my background—both personally and religiously—with ‘strangers’ that I had never talked about with close friends of many years. This weekend truly opened me up to a new way of thinking about what it means to be a Jew in today’s world, and along the way, introduced me to a lot of really amazing people.
— Daniel
I entered the weekend with the expectations of meeting some interesting people while exploring theirs opinions and my own opinions about how we feel about Judaism in our current stage of life. My expectations were met and exceeded, and I have developed close relationships with people and a better understanding of Judaism and what it means to me.
— Eric
Beyond the Tent gave me the opportunity to re-think my Judaism in a positive and enlightening manner. I met some incredible people, shared some great experiences and really felt like I came away as a different person.
— Matt