The Team

Rabbi Aaron Potek is the Community Rabbi at GatherDC. He loves to help people find new ways to think about Jewish identity, understand themselves, and process the world around them. There are many ways to be Jewish, and he wants to help you find a path that works for you. When Reb Aaron isn’t meeting with community members, hosting a Mini Gathering, or leading GatherDC’s Beyond the Tent experience, he’s making people laugh at an improv show, or being active on the tennis court or hiking trail.



Dave Frazier hails from the great state of Upstate New York, but has lived in DC for two years. He spends his days helping struggling public pension systems around the country. Outside of work, Dave loves all things history and is always happy to share some historical facts, especially if he's made them up. When he's not at a museum he's probably playing soccer on the National Mall or getting lost in Rock Creek Park.




Anna Goldman is a native of Arlington, Virginia but has lived in DC since returning from the Peace Corps in Ethiopia.  She continues her work with the Peace Corps as a Training Designer and Facilitator focusing on Leadership Development and Diversity and Inclusion.  Outside of the office she makes it a point to be an expert of all things D.C. restaurants, finding people to play Settlers of Catan with, and practicing response speed for a future dream appearance on Jeopardy.



Mollie Sharfman is the Community Manager at GatherDC. Mollie is an experiential Jewish educator and facilitator who is committed to creating empowering and dynamic learning spaces. She has created vibrant Jewish experiences for all types of Jewish communities, and led Muslim-Jewish Dialogue across the globe – including Winnipeg, Berlin, Salzburg, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, and Sarajevo! 



Leah Donnella is from Philadelphia, PA, (home to the 2017 Superbowl champs and the 2018 NBA champs.) By day she works for NPR’s Code Switch team, where she tells stories about race, identity and culture. She also runs a racial advice column called “Ask Code Switch,” but will happily dole out unsolicited advice on other topics. By night, Leah is a big fan of gardening, grocery shopping, and gentle exercise.